Luhan’s That Good Good must have had the juice because the singer is releasing a deluxe version of his album along with a new video.

The production on this track is an interesting one.  It starts out as a smooth, light R&B track with a bass-heavy jazz backbeat before transitioning into a more synth-pop track for the chorus.  While you can definitely say that the both styles of production are on the generic side (and somewhat familiar although we can’t place them), Luhan’s vocals are the selling point of this track as his sweet delivery is interesting enough over the plain beatwork to engage the listen…which may have been the point.  The lyrics are full of platitudes but they work for the romantic feeling the song is trying to set.  It’s not the type of track that you would go out of your way to listen to, but you wouldn’t skip it or turn it off if it came on.

The translated lyrics are seen as part of the graphics of the video, so keep a watchful eye on the drawn parts as the song progresses.  We’ll add written lyrics as soon as possible.