The word “lovel” means young wolf and that seems entirely appropriate for this young singer who has burst out the gate with a solid project.

Full of new tracks (neither College nor the Fetty Wap version of Work are included), the Harlem-based singer shows that you don’t need a ton of features when you can make things work on you own.  All of the tracks have a cohesive but still sonically diverse feel when it comes to production, due to the fact that he and his production partner Lee Al-Taquan (known as The Hittas) put in all the beatwork for the EP.   LoVel’s voice is a soft tenor, but doesn’t lack for command as he is perfectly able to keep the listener engaged.  All of the tracks seem to follow the theme of love in as it sways between different emotions and the lyrics are interesting with strong metaphors and straightforward lines meshed together to make songs that sometimes require a second listen to make sure you got everything.

While all the tracks are solid, there are two standouts.  The standout is Calling, which sample’s the R. Kelly classic You Body’s Calling.  The second is More, which showcases the strength of LoVel’s voice with his melodic delivery over a deep bass, hard drummed cut before transitioning into a more chill beat for the rap feature.

You download the freelease by either clicking the shopping cart in the player or, if you don’t have one of the required social media accounts, the button below it.  To download the individual tracks, click the mixtape’s name to be taken to SoundCloud.