Tamar Braxton has been pulling out all the stops to show that her upcoming album will live up to expectations.  Having previewed If I Don’t Have You, King, and Catfish for fans, the singer now drops the video for her track Angels & Demons.

Not at all what I was expecting, the track’s island sound continues the trend of dissimilar production styles that the singer has employed this time around.  The mid-tempo track has a nice feel to it and Braxton’s vocals are a nice fit, even though at times she can be a little hard to understand.  The lyrics, while definitely solid in the meaning department, lose a little bit because of repetition.

The visual consist of series of beauty shots that show the singer in all types of styles in an island setting…including a couple that made us double take because we thought Toni had made her way onto the set.

The singer’s third studio album, Calling All Lovers, will be released October 2.