Sevyn Streeter and Emanny have pretty similar styles when it comes to music; they both have smooth vocal delivery and a modern sensibility in songwriting, but they softens the edges from time to time.  So it makes sense that the two would team up on a track.

This unreleased gem likely comes from the recording sessions that Streeter did for her newest project, Shoulda Been There, Part 1 (it’s unmastered and has some frying in sections, so be warned).  The two sing about wanting to see each other before after they have spent a night out having fun separately.  Streeter, brings the sweetness to this track with her mellow tone and soft harmonies.  Emanny, while sounding close to a young Trey Songz at times, has a masculine but seductive tone.  The lyrics are strong with the two of them laying out something that people in a relationship can understand; having your own life and still wanting the one you love to end the night with.  The gentle eagerness that comes through on the track gives it the perfect emotional feel and really makes you wonder why this didn’t make the cut for her last project.