We tweeted about this freelease, but we think it deserves its own feature.

In one of the more pleasant things that we have stumbled upon in recent weeks, singer Ravyn Lenae delivers some new-age soul that seems to reassure you that love exists and is worth working for.  Her vocals might remind some of Corinne Bailey Rae with a little SZA thrown in for edge and they are a nice match for every beat that she takes on, all of which are more upbeat than you might think when you put this on.  Her lyrics are deep and can be somewhat hard to unpack in a single listen, but are not so dense that you will never understand.  The productions are varied but all have an underlying softness to them that join them as well as take some of the edge out of the more EDM styled tracks.  The result of all this is a surprising collection of tracks that you might have a hard time believing is being offered for free because the quality is so good.

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