It’s been six years since Mario released an album.  Sure, he’s been active musically, what with featuring on some EDM tracks, releasing tracks that were meant for a mixtape, and wanting to make a comeback in 2013.  Unfortunately, his personal projects never really got started (although his single, Somebody Else with Nicki Minaj, did fairly well on the charts) and some people were wondering if he would ever be able to get back on track.  It seem, though, that things are looking up as the singer has announced a new album and will be releasing a new single tomorrow to support it.

Forever could have two meanings; the first could be obviously be about trying to make a relationship that’s falling apart work.  The second could be about Mario’s relationship to the listening audience and how he wants to work it out with us.  It’s a pretty nice track vocally, showing that Mario hasn’t lost a step in that department.  The lyrics are good and have resonance emotionally.  Even Rick Ross, the ultimate eff-a-concept rapper, does a good verse that has everything to do with the song its in.  The biggest issue is the production.  While it sounds good, there is something about it that makes it feel dated.  Some of this might have to do with the fact that Mario does have a certain style and this certainly fits into it.  But there’s something about the undertones that makes it feel like this might have been a track he wanted to release in 2013.  Still, the track is strong enough to garner buzz and get Mario fans excited for what he has in store.

This time his upcoming album has a firm release date.  Never 2 Late will drop November 28.