With Mario making a real comeback this time, we wanted to highlight a couple of the reasons that fans have been hanging on for this moment.

The first song, Bed Love, is a personal favorite because it just shows just how much a Mario can hang a track on his voice.  The production is a simple ballad, but it’s his vocals that make this song a must listen.  His tone and emotional input or perfect.  The way that he goes jumps from octave to octave with almost no effort is perfect.  The strategically placed adlibs are perfect.  Add to that the fact that the song is about more than just sex but, instead, about how the intersection of sex and love can make things more complicated and you just have a really amazing song.

The second track is LSD, which was meant to be featured on his unreleased comeback, Fatal Distraction, back in 2013.  Again, it’s the vocals that make this song, but the production gives it a better dimension by making it more upbeat.  The lyrics have the singer comparing the different aspects of his lover’s personality and her actions to different drugs…especially when it comes to sex.  It’s the kind of song that has the potential to sound basic if handled wrong, but Mario manages to make it work and want to repeat it again and again.

Both these songs show what the singer is capable of and what listeners are waiting for from him when it comes to musical content.  While we’ve only heard one song from him comeback, we know that he’s up to the challenge.