BJ The Chicago Kid is not trying to let this woman temp him into sin…but it’s hard being good.

Declaring with the opening line that she said she want to drink, do drugs, and have sex tonight, he tries to stave off his desires by reminding himself that he go church in the morning.  The production with it’s funky guitar riffs and what sounds like a melody being either screwed or played backward in the background, there is a feeling that this woman is an otherworldly sex demon that just wants to have her way with him.  The lyrics are effective, even with the more explicit moments, convey a good message about his attraction to this woman and the fact that he may want to be with her if she would just calm down a little.  The Chicago Kid’s voice is a great fit for this song as his tone is soulful with a gritty undercurrent.  Chance The Rapper’s verse is good and on point with strong lines and strong rhymes, making it fit perfectly into the song.

BJ The Chicago Kid’s upcoming album, In My Mind, is expected to be released soon.