It was less than two weeks ago that we hoped all the activity by Jake&Papa in the last few months would mean there was a new EP or album on the way; today we got our wish.

Featuring the tracks Entertainer and Beat In The Trunk, the brothers’ new freelease follows in the footsteps of Athena’s Erotica with it’s focused primarily on the physical, but it doesn’t feel like a redux by any means.  While the first line of the first full song slaps you right in the face (Imma fuck you so good tonight), this tone is moderated throughout the rest of the project.  While it causes a little whiplash effect after Leave Me and Beat In The Trunk, it doesn’t persist.  The vocals are strong and the harmonies are lush with the duo showing off that their vocals can both be sexual and well sung.  The production set throughout is varied, providing danceable tracks as well slow jams, which means this could be played in a variety of romantic situations.  The lyrics are fairly good throughout; while they don’t broach new ground, they do get the point across well.  Altogether, it’s a strong project and definitely worth a download.

You can download the tracks individually though the player or in one package by clicking the button below it.