We may have been a little disappointed in her last track, but Brittany B. shows us that he is one to contend with on her latest.

Sooner Or Later takes a sample from Stevie Wonder’s Love’s In Need Of Love Today (and not the BLACKstreet remake) and has the singer reminds us that we all need to make that human love connection to really feel connected to life.  Singing to a hesitant lover, she reminds him that they could make each other happy if he reaches out to her before it’s too late.  Brittany’s vocals are a great match for the Stridah V production with her tone that has emotion but doesn’t try too hard, getting the point across that much better.  The lyrics are solid and make the connection more than a sexual thing, adding a nice amount of substance to what could have been a gloss-over track.  The production has the perfect amount of bump to it, making it danceable on its own merits but even more once B adds her subtle energy to it.

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