Interesting fact about this track: when it first came out, it was banned by several Korean stations.  The reasons we got were varied, but most centered around the fact that some thought the song was fomenting youth rebellion/revolution.  Now, with absolutely no change in lyrics, the video is being delivered.

My second favorite song off their recent EP and my pick for getting the video treatment, the track is actually about the members working hard when everyone else was goofing off.  The song connects all the hard work they put into their craft to all the fans that they have.  Over a funky beat, the gentlemen vocalize and rap in a way that allows each of them to shine yet still lets them stand together as a group.  And while Rap Monster and Suga steal the show with their energy, everyone does a good job.

Just like their I Need U video, there appears to be little to no storyline in this.  It doesn’t matter, though, because the combination of the beat, the vocals and the footwork is just…well…SICK!  Destined to be copied by dance troupe from around the world, deceptively simple-looking routine is a great fit for the track.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.