Singer Pia Mia PerezA native of Guam, Pia Mia Perez is a pop star that evokes dream like feelings. She was born on September 19, 1996 and started getting into music by posting videos of herself singing on YouTube. When on stage Pia Mia Perez goes by Pia Mia or Princess Pia Mia. Pia Mia didn’t stop posting videos when she moved to Los Angeles, California and attracted attention for it during a photo shoot for the Pink Dolphin clothing brand. In fact that photo shoot led her to finding her manager and through that manager she met Chris Brown’s manager. From there Wolfpack Entertainment was formed along with its record label Wolfpack/Interscope Records.
Pia Mia moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13 and after the photo shoot that got the attention of some of the biggest people in Los Angeles she became friends with a lot of big names in the music industry. She would eat dinner at the Kardashian’s and knew people such as Kanye, Diddy, and more. Meeting these people was the key to her success, she sang one of Kanye’s songs in front of him and the writer of the song prompting Kanye to help her connect with leaders in the music industry.
Now Pia Mia has moved on from cover songs and videos to having multiple singles. Her first single was entitled “Red Love” and was debuted by Ryan Seacrest in 2013 as an independent single. She has two other singles, “Mr. President” and “Fill Me In”. In addition to those singles she has four promotional singles: “Bubblegum Boy”, “The Last Man on Earth”, “Shotgun Love”, and “What a Girl Wants.” Pia Mia’s first extended play was released in February 2014 and features a total of eight songs, three of which are her singles. It also features “On My Mind”, “I Got It”, “Complicated”, and “Lost & Found”.