Yesterday we introduced you to Dok2; today is his partner, The Quiett’s, turn.

Releasing this track for his birthday (January 29), the rapper has talks about his life as he has traversed the rungs of the Korean music industry and made something of himself.  The laidback track showcases the difference between The Quiett and Dok2’s flows, with The Quiett having a more traditional, lyrical style than his counterpart.

Preliminarily translated lyrics are below the player.  Any corrections will come in a few days.


I started from nothing
made more than something
Remember I told you guys I’m damn yea I’d soon
But now what about
Why look at me now
Bite lived hunnid motherfuckas is not say nothing
cuz they’re nothing yea(Verse 1)
Light city representer seoul city’s finest
I know it to be honest I do not wiron
Forgot harder to earn more to bear more
So now, in order to write the song
bigger ambition. gettin bigger money
you know my style i do not spend it slowly
Canada is now further away last dalen
1llionaire life livin ‘forever
Trying genius, rapper producer
The fourth finger ring RMB medusa
You know who’s the tolerable women
baddest motherfucker alive, standing in the back line
new mercedes got two fuckin doors
Parking within the next digit of the ax ghost
Previously, we did as tagon city bus
I can not stop here

(Repeat hook)

(Verse 2)
Gyaenen can not do anything. Can not do anything.
Gyaenen can not catch up with me. Promise.
I just get left behind by the more well gyaenen
Gyaenen pleased by the fact that much
Growing money. I do not multiplied more
I remember clearly my past than needle
back in the day I was motherfuckin ‘hopeless
Ways to avoid going back to fly higher
thank god for this life cuz it was not like this
I’ve always believed my way
Anyway, the logic of the world Eaten Alive
money & the power fuck public interest
I came out on TV aiiy motherfucker listen
It’s not at all sold pg side
Gradually increased tendon ass motherfuckin kissin
Now you need is me motherfuckin truth
say it’s lonely at the top, whatever you do
you always gotta watch motherfuckers around you
Who was always with friends where are you
Is everybody and not even once colleagues
I do not really give a fuck about y’all
We like the house shut plants
I’ll take you a penny to earn coins
Illionaire Gang yea we outchea