Introducing Jasmine Jordan!

After following her passion, Olympia, WA-raised songstress is upon the release of her debut EP Time Travel.

…Jasmine says it’s about wanting life do-overs inspired by a past relationship that turned out negative. “For me, it was inspired by a relationship where you just wish you’d have made different choices…And although life is not about living in mistakes, and I absolutely believe in ‘you live and you learn’ There are just some things you wish you could take back in retrospect. I feel like people everywhere can connect with the feeling of wishing you could “time travel” at times.”

She’s already released Time Travel and Best I Can from the set. The other tunes include Possibilities, which has a satisfyingly-funky 80s sound, and Closer which is equally gratifying, as she soulfully coos to get within reach of a love. One could liken the sweet tone of her voice and infectious grooves to one of her inspirations, Tamia.  Other artists she calls inspirations and hopes to work with in the near future are Kendrick Lamar, J Cole or Elle Varner. Don’t be surprised if you do, she already has people’s ears perking!

–written by Elle Breezy of