When Ameriie released her track What I Want five months ago, fans of the singer went crazy hoping that it meant that she was planning a comeback.  Nothing else materialized, though, and many hopes their dashed.

Until now.

In the late of night just ahead of the calendar change, Ameriie has come blazing back with her new single, Mustang.  While you can still hear the singer’s still-developing signature sound all through the track, there is feeling around the production that has the R&B feel from All I Have.  The track is about a woman to fierce and wild to be tamed, which sound a lot like Ameriie when comes to pinning down what she will do next.  Her vocals are melodic and she takes control of the track (no pun intended) with ease.  This is the track that has the potential to signal a full-on comeback for the blasian star.

Right now, Ameriie is planning two albums (BILI and Cymatika, Vol. 1) as well as a free EP for fans.  We’ll keep you posted as things develop.