Singer/songwriter Sylvia Sylvia is using her soulful, smoky voice to tell us the stories of a love song.  Lead of by the single Good Day, the concept album is rich in lyrics, production and vocal ability as the sings on her interactions with people in her life.  This project is both fun and deep giving the music a multi-mood quality that can sometimes be missing from music.  The production, while rooted in an alt. R&B format, has elements of jazz, pop, and EDM to make them interesting.  The lyrics are poetic and strong and will speak to something deeper than the surface.  For a debut effort, you can tell that she gave herself completely to it.

You can purchase a high quality version of the project through the player or download a lower quality version for free through the link below it.

Audiomack – Sylvia Sylvia – Fog Smoke Dust