Born Keandra Shan Lal, Toronto singer Kiki Rowe has released her first project and it has that Toronto sound.  Half of the tracks on the self-titled freelease sound like some of the slower cuts by Drake with their darker beats. The other half are a little more upbeat and pop-sounding, allowing listeners to experience the duality of her voice.  Rowe’s vocals are light, but she manages to add some gravitas to them that make them sound right over the slower beats.

“The past year of my life has been completely dedicated to making this album. It’s the first complete body of work I’ve ever released, so it’s exciting and nerve-racking all in one.  I self-titled the album because that was my way of introducing myself to the world.”

You can either download the tracks individually though the player or in one package through the OBoom link below it.

OBoom – Kiki Rowe – Kiki Rowe