If you’re in need of a little turn-up, Changmo has a track for you.

Having just released his new album, DNSG, today the rapper did a very interesting thing and released a slower track on his SoundCloud and a fire track on YouTube.  And, as much as we like Hood Boyz, we can not stop listening to Holy God.

The main reason is because of his flow.  After the title card and operatic intro, he goes in for about 15 seconds without taking a breath before continuing on to the first verse.  Everything moves extremely quickly when he starts rapping and continues at a pretty quick pace until the classical music comes in again.  The balance between the trap elements of the beat and the classical give the listener just enough time to have a breather of their own before the fire starts again.  It takes a lot of energy to ride a beat like this and Changmo does it expertly.

The song is short, running just over two-and-a-half minutes, but it does what it needs to do and gets out of the way.  We don’t think this will become anyone’s favorite song for more than a couple of months, but it is perfect for getting hype when you need to and it seems like that was the ultimate point.

As for the visual…what the hell is going on in this?  The overall vibe of it is sufficiently kinetic to match his flow and the beat and I get some of the religious iconography, but it really is surprisingly an ill fit for what is essentially a Monster Energy Drink tie-in.

We’re not expecting to get a translation on this one, but we’ll keep looking just in case.