This song brought a little bit of Michael Jackson feel good with it.

Tone Stith is one of those singers that comes out of nowhere and impresses you with the breadth of his talent.  He does a good job with modern R&B in that he manages to make his tone good and separate himself from the pack of sound-alikes that seem to be cropping up every week.  But he also has an appreciation for the singers that came before and his contemporaries and show that by doing a good job of either covering their tracks or taking inspiration from them.  A Little Bit Of Lovin’ is a great example of the latter.

You don’t get too far into the track before you hear the Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 influence in the track.  It’s not just the production that hearkens back the King of Pop, it’s the lead vocals and the adlibs he brings with him as well as the backing harmonies.  This will put those who are a little more seasoned into mind of the Off The Wall/Thriller days of the music thanks to its throwback sound.

Not that Stith doesn’t bring his own style to the track.  There are moments when he comes in with the falsetto and the runs that you hear his own style really break out and it fits in well with the homage.  His vocals on the verses are far more him as well, with just sprinkles of Jackson here and there to make it work for the sound overall.  His tone is also very bright and energetic, something that some modern singers (thanks to the proliferation of darker beats) can’t always manage.

The lyrics are nice as well.  While there isn’t anything especially new here and it comes off as straightforward, that kind of works for the appeal.  He’s simply talking about showing his lady a good time in a non-sexual way.  It’s a good sentiment as, we later learn, she has recently had her heart broken.  It shows a sensitivity to the woman in the situation while still allowing him to make his play.

This is a happy track and one that is surprisingly addictive to listen to.  If this is your introduction to Stith, not everything he has will sound like this, but you won’t be disappointed as you get to know him either.