Amber dropped a mixtape yesterday (post coming up) and we love it.  It takes her out of the Kpop element that we have gotten very used to her in a brings a lot more of her personal sensibility to it.  We remember how the title track for Beautiful stood out against the single Shake That Brass.  This is having a whole EP of that kind of song to enjoy…and it all starts with the video.

Closed Doors is a song that hints at how love can be a double-edged sword when that love is not seen as a positive by others.  There is the desire to reach out and be loved in return, but there is the fear that others will judge you over what you have done.

The production has a nice schema to it.  It has hints of melancholy to it but there is an upbeat undertone that keeps it from being a sad song.  It has that air of the eighties to it in that regard, but it lacks a lot of synth undertone that would accompany some of the mid-tempo ballads of that era.  It also has some nice, expansive lifts one the choruses that really make you focus in on it and takes out the repetitious aspects

Amber is one of those people that makes you ignore a certain level of songwriting convention because she puts meaning into her lyrics.  There are several places where the rhymes are off and couplet system she uses breaks down, but the meaning behind those moments makes them come off well and you can understand why she went in that direction.  This is a lesson for all songwriters: you can get away with a little off-kilter rhyming if you say something important.

This song is nicely done and way better than we expected considering that this seems to have been released with SM Entertainment support (not entire sure about that, though).

We also have to ask just how close Amber is to making public what most of us already (think we) know.  She’s done everything but say it at this point and we would love for her to live her truth out in the open and not behind closed doors.