When a project like Only Having A Laugh comes along, people whose musical taste run counter to trap and hip-hop tend to rejoice.  A project that takes aspects from jazz and soul while still managing to sound fresh through the vocal delivery and incorporation of modern hip-hop elements is something that can be hard to find and even harder to have work over the length of seven tracks.  Something like this brings ears to the person responsible and can make them the new favorite from a lot of listeners who have felt like they haven’t had a musical home as genres have melded and more and more music starts to sound alike.

Who would have think the artist is only 14 years old?

That’s right; the British songstress who is also behind the writing of the bulk of the music here is barely old enough to enter high school.

There are moments when her youth shines through.  There are brief notes where her voices momentarily loses its maturity on a run and many of the lyrics, while perfectly applicable to an older person, seem routed in the point of view of someone still finding herself.  But those are the things that actually make this project work better.  When she loses some of the worldliness in her vocal, you still hear the same person, just with a innocence that enhances some of the moments.  The lyrics feel genuine to her and not crafted by someone who thinks to know how she feels.  It is a snapshot in time framed by the person it’s about and gives you a peak into her mind in a way that is almost like reading her diary.

If anything, this project gives us a lot of hope for the future.  An artist this young who is a crafting their own sound and not following trends has the potential to be a leader in the industry down the line.  She has a lot of growing still left to do (and, thankfully, she knows it) but there is so much raw material within her to work with that you don’t think she has already maxed out her abilities.  She is someone we are eager to watch develop.

Our favorite tracks are Pot Of Gold and I’m Just Me.  There most skippable track is Home as it is mostly freestyle scatting and instrumental.

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