Jung Joon Il has one of those voices that just takes you away with its power and versatility.  As lead vocalist for indie band Mate, he has taken on track of all stripes with easy and shown himself to be quite the performer, but I don’t think we have ever heard him like this.  In full-blown R&B mode, the singer comes with what sounds like regret for a love affair left behind.

In contrast to his cover of Hug Me, he comes with a lot of power on this track.  You would think that it would overwhelm the production with its ethereal softness, but he ends up filling in the spaces that the beatwork leaves with his tone, making for a track that is ten times more interesting than it has any right to be.  Considering that it is completely up to him to bring the emotion for this track, he more than accomplishes the task and leaves the listener with the ugly face, shaking their head in approval of his performance.

The only thing we don’t particularly like is the chorus.  The refrain makes sense on the surface and his vibrato throughout the repetitions of know is perfection…it just repeats a few times too many and wears a little thin.  Of course, that could also be the point as he is saying that the words he says switch from being about someone else to being about himself and the may be meant to sound like empty reassurances and excuses for the feeling on display.

As for the visual, we are curious as to what the story is here.  A couple of us thought that this might be a transgendered individual feeling out of place in an environment full of cishet couples, but there really isn’t anything that either confirms or denies that theory.  Some of us thought that this is just someone who is looking for love and is unable to find it in all the place they are looking so they go somewhere they can see it all.  I, personally, think this is open to interpretation for a reason.  Whatever you come up with, the video has a hint of sadness to it and fits the vibe of the track very well.

If you are interested in hearing more from this man, check out his EP, Elephant, in our Audiomack stream.

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