We’ve been saving this one since last Christmas…and the official release was a year before that.  You would think that would make the music sound dated but, so far, this has held up pretty well.

Featuring nine tracks that have a mix of the secular, religious, traditional and trap, October London is giving us a selection to satisfy all moods and types for the holiday season.  There is something here for everybody; there’s some trap, a song featuring the ministry of Kirk Franklin, some pop/rock, and a little R&B.  The biggest thing you can say about the production choices is that a couple of the tracks are pretty similar-sounding due to the consistency of instrumentation, but that doesn’t last long and isn’t that big an issue if you are listening even moderately close.

London’s vocals are nice.  He doesn’t have the widest range but he does know how to use what he has effectively and his tone is strong and confident.  What he lacks in range he does make up for with control as he is able to dial back on the strength at the right moments to put emphasis in the right places.  He also is able to add a little gruffness to his vocals to switch things up a little and break away from his more natural smoothness.

The lyrics are solid.  We were really prepared for things to go into the range of platitude at some point, but the singer/songwriter manages to keep things interesting all the way through this EP.  You’re going to find at least one line from each track is going to stick with you and everything around those lines hangs together well.  You can tell there was a lot of effort made to make this work and not just be some throwaway sound for the season.

We suggest, if you like this, that you check out his album Color Blind: Love.  It has the same great attention paid and shows off even more of what this singer can do.