Have you ever heard of Superfruit?  Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying are music/comedy duo that has a pretty neat channel on YouTube.  Maybe you know them better as members of the group Pentatonix.  All we know is that you probably should familiarize yourself because they are good.

They don’t do a capella tracks like the native group does; their style tends to swings towards poppy electronica.  They’re content (and, indeed their name) sometimes takes aim at their lives as gay men but usually just focuses on letting the two of them have fun together make good music.

Fantasy is one of those songs that you think you’re probably not going to like when it first starts.  The somewhat generic EDM production just makes you settle in and wait until it ends.  Then the singing starts and, by the time you hit the bridge when the harmonies come in, you are dancing and singing along even though you don’t know the words.  Despite the minimal vocal overlays here, this does highlight the sound of both singers’ tone and let them seperate themselves even when they sing together.  And Scott Hyoing’s voice…so creamy you just want to slurp it up with a spoon.

As for Amber being here, not only was it a surprise when it popped up in our recommendations but, as not being fans of her English rhymes (yes, we know she’s American), we were shocked how much we liked her part.  The melding of her singing and the rapping is a dead-on winner for her as it allows her to more fluidly switch up flow and lets her keep the beat a lot better because she doesn’t get into long runs where the lyrics have to fit despite maybe not being a perfect fit for the length of her section and the flow she’s using.

This is our sleeper hit for November; glad we stumbled up on it.

This single is from the duo’s first/compilation album, Future Friends, out now.