There are those moments when something just hits you in the right spot and makes you turn around and wonder how you could have missed it the first time…FAUX did that to us with Take Back Time.

This track dropped over a month ago, but it’s too good to let it pass us by.  There is something so quintessentially eighties about this track and yet it doesn’t sound dated in the least.  Josef Page, the driving force behind FAUX, wanted to play with eighties sound in a way that modernized it and we think that he accomplished his goal.  He leaves in the core instrumentation of the era but takes out a lot of superfluous bits (sound effects, production effects, embellishments, etc.) that marked the more cartoony aspects that came from the merging of disco and electronica.

The vocals of singer Sherry Davis are just amazing.  She is extremely soulful and yet does not overwhelm the track, something that his extremely hard to do.  Her tone is bright, despite the fact that she is speaking on a love lost and the heartbreak since, and she comes at the track with a kind of hopeful air that works despite the content.

In many ways, this song reminds us of one our favorite duets—I Knew You Were Waiting For Me—just without the male vocalist.