We are feeling this in our souls today; it struck us and stuck with us.

When we opened our email today and saw the submission from this Chicago artist, little did we know that we would be adding Marcus Alexander’s entire EP to our phones for the weekend.  We had to do this one for the culture…because the culture needs this.

We are addicted to is his flow.  Alexander calls himself old school–and there are definitely elements of that in his sound–but his ability to do a switch between that a more modern flow is effortless.  He matches the mood of the production and the theme of each track with his enthusiasm and tone, bringing the listener along for the ride and really making the entire project easy to listen to.  By the time the eight tracks were over, we were already hitting the replay button.

The lyrics are just great.  The punchlines are solid and there is a message, big or small, in every story he tells.  But, more than that, there is a lot of positivity in everything he says.  Even when speaking on something like the destructive relationship between him and his father, where he would have been justified in holding a grudge and venting, he still ends on a positive note; wishing the man well but realizing that he better off without him for his own mental health.  Everything here is something so adult and so affirming in everything he says and you find yourself reaching in, wanting to fill yourself with it.

The production is probably the thing that needs the most work here and, even then, it’s not bad.  It does a good job of supporting him and setting the mood, but some of the it really does fade into the background (not in a good way) against the charisma of the emcee.  There are still elements of the beats to enjoy, but the overall generic sound just doesn’t do the rest of the elements justice.

This is Alexander’s first major collection and we want more.  Here’s hoping he gets the shine he needs to continue doing things like this.

You can download the track individually by clicking the arrow in the player as each song plays.  You can get the entire project in one package by clicking the button below the player.