Another one of the Jay Park’s boys is here and, of course, the mogul is bringing support.

Los is one of the rappers that kind of escapes your memory when you’re thinking of good Korean-based hip-hop artists, but he has been doing his thing for a minute and has some solid bars to his repertoire.  This track, even though it’s not one of his best, still manages to show that off.

One thing we will say about this track is that, based on the title, we were expecting it to go in an entirely different direction.  It doesn’t go Wale with the audience preconceptions, but it does make a hard left by making the song more about the men not doing right or trying to entice the woman into something she might regret.  The fact that we aren’t really talking about her (while still talking about her) is a nice touch and elevates what could have been a throwaway love song into something better.

The production is…okay.  There is something enticing about it, but it never really feels like it gets going.  The overall sound is muted a bit and there always feels like there should be a ramp up somewhere that never happens.  We will give it this, though; it is a mood-setter as you feel like something is about to go down romantically from the initial verse drop.

Los brings some good bars and solid flow, making him the appeal of the track.  He has a lot of energy despite matching the dark beat at its level.  It would have been interesting to see where he would have taken the track without features as he seemed to have a story building that we never got all of.  Jay Park sounds good, but this really doesn’t suit his voice.  The production against his tenor vocals and speedy flow are little off and would have been served better by a brighter instrument being thrown in at his section.  G.Soul doesn’t make an appearance in the video and, ultimately, that’s fine because he barely makes an appearance on the song.  After a few listens we noticed him contributing to the backing vocals here and there, but he really doesn’t do much here.  Bringing him in for the fadeout vocal just seems like a waste, especially since his falsetto works so well against the deep bass of the overall track.

Still, it’s not a bad slow club track and is worth a few listens.  We would like to see Los come with something a little stronger, though, as he is more than capable.

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