We love Jhené Aiko; she has always followed her heart when it comes to making the kind of music that she wants to make and has managed to keep herself from being pigeonholed.  It’s not hard to describe her music as chill/weed music and we might be getting a small piece of the picture as to why.

We can’t say to much about the plot of this because it really is a demonstration of the journey being more important the destination and summary not doing justice to the whole.

One thing we will say is that, viewing this, you begin to understand Aiko a lot better and the place where her music comes from.  While we’re sure that this isn’t 100% representative of what has happened in her life since her real-life brother died in 2012, but you do start to get her frame of reference and how even the right things can come along at the wrong time and not be good for you.

This is the preview and companion piece to her new album, Trip, out now. We will say that, having listened to album in its entirety several times now, it’s pretty good, but not exactly anything new from Aiko (save for some better and, occasionally, more upbeat production choices a la  TWENTY88).  The big difference for us is that she sounds a lot more alive this time around.  Even in the songs that sound like her more slow, thought-provoking tracks, she sounds a lot more invested than she did on Soul’d Out and it makes a difference.  Ass much as we’ve liked her last few projects, it is nice to hear her reach out to the audience and try to bring us in more.

If you liked her last album, you’ll like this.  It’s you’re interested in the story she’s telling, it’s worth a listen