VanJess with that goodness!

Dropping their contribution to the Insecure soundtrack, VanJess come through with a little upbeat house flavor and some relationship contemplation.  Speaking on what they are done with and what they need to for things to work out with a particular lover, the ladies comes through with smooth, layered vocals and dance vibes.  We think it’s safe to say that VanJess have truly learned how to maximize their duel harmony to greatest effect and realize the distinct tonal difference in one voice can fit some parts of a track better than the other.  They sound great with their minimal lead styles while letting the backing vocals bring color and flavor so that the sound is never boring.

The lyrics come across a little deeper than you might think given the danceable nature of the track.  There is something to think about in here, even if the message is still a little surface.  Given the tone of the production, it would have been easy to go with dance/club/romantic fling lyrics, but they went in for something different without making it so obtuse that it kills the overall vibe of the track.

As for the GodLink verse…we’re not mad at it.  One of things with the obligatory third verse rap is that it either doesn’t fit the track in question or the rapper doesn’t seem to come with the matching energy for the singers.  GoldLink comes with both meaning and that low-level hype the ladies display for a verse that offers the counter-argument (in some ways, more it just shows what the man is thinking about what they’re saying) to the ladies.  It’s a good role to play for a male rapper on a female-oriented track and gives a good highlight to the track overall.