Kendrick Lamar is not done giving the people what they want while still expressing himself in only the way he can.

The visuals for this take the song in an entirely different direction.  When listening to the track before, you hear Lamar saying that the rap game is his element and that nothing will take him out of it or put make anyone doubt his position in it.  The video gives you a lot more of the biographical elements that people sometimes skip over on song that offers bragging elements.  Everything we see here is something that Lamar has seen in Compton–his element.  You see him the fun, the friendship, and the violence that he saw growing up.  You also see Kendrick position in it increasingly as the video goes on, usually with him taking someone out.  The cinematography of Jonas Lindstroem (and the Little Homies) helps to make these images stick by slowing them down and really letting you see how things change and escalate at a moment’s notice

DAMN. is more than proving itself not to be a flash in the pan.  Despite the more contemporary sound of the production (in comparison to his other projects), this is still core Kendrick with solid lyrics and songs that work on a lot of levels.  If you somehow haven’t heard it yet, you really need to; it’s top contender for album of the year.