With Sungah off doing her thing as a DJ, 9 Muses returns sans a member with a somewhat different sound…for a single track.

We don’t usually post about anything other than 9 Muses’ videos because we tend not to like their EPs as a whole (more on that later), but we can kind of get behind this one.  While Remember is the clear standout track, the others are still pretty good and enjoyable.  The bright, happy production can sometimes seem a little date but never gets boring or too cute.  The lyrics for the songs are pretty good, although some of the English doesn’t quite match up with the Korean sections they abut.  The biggest thing that we like about this set is, now that there are fewer members, the harmonies match up with the number of voices that should be in them and lead vocals feel a little more distinct.

If there was one thing that we wish from this group in the future is more stuff that sounds like Remember, Hurt Locker, and Sleepless Night.  It is very odd that this group has a tendency to lead their EPs with tracks that are stylistically miles away from everything else on the project.  While we’re used to a bit of bait and switch with some Kpop groups (there’s a reason that a lot of fans only pay attention to the title tracks), it is rarely this consistent.  The odd thing is that the lead singles are usually the best tracks in the sets and the decision not to maintain that sound throughout is baffling.  It’s not that their music is bad, but it could be so much better; and that feeling sums up what you’ll probably feel while listening to this EP as well.

Our favorite tracks are Remember and Hate Me.  The most skippable track is Pastry.