K-R&B has been doing the damn thing lately and we’ve got another somewhat underground singer who is entrancing us with his music.

Park has that kind of voice that strikes you as odd the first time you hear it on a track like this, like there’s something about the two that just doesn’t fit together the way you think that they should.  But then he really starts getting into the emotion of the song and that feeling slips away and you realize that what you’re listening to is someone who takes their styling from a mixture of older Korean vocal methods and alternative R&B to get that sound.

The production has a throwback sound to it, kind of late eighties or early nineties with it’s more subdued, natural instrumentation but still taking hints from singers like The Dazz Band and Altantic Starr.  It has a good vibe to it all the way through and it makes you feel like you should be listening to it with someone, as you want that feeling to continue making everyone feel good.  It’s a solid mid-tempo beat that works its way through you and connects you to the song all the more.

There is something very Mayer Hawthorne about DND and we love it.

Sidenote: Check out Park doing a cover of Gallant’s Weight In Gold.

Click the [CC] button in the player (when it becomes available) to see the translated lyrics.