Produced by Hit-Boy (who has been astounding us as of late with his ability to transition between his more verbose beats and tracks like this), Xavier Omär comes with a nice track about being wholeheartedly committed to the one you love.

Xavier Omär has one of those voices that shows how knowing how to use your own instrument is often better than being an extremely talented novice.  His range is limited and he doesn’t give that full-throated power that you get from a Tank or Tyrese, but he makes music that works with his more soothing tone and his occasional adlibs into falsetto, while not perfect, are still good and add good elements to the track.  Goldlink’s verse is interesting for both its placement at the very end of the track and how is more speedy flow is a contrast to Omar’s vocals with both still working together very well.

One of the aspects of the production that we really like is the periodic elements–like the saxophone riff and the record scratches–that make their appearance at regular intervals throughout the track but aren’t so overt that they are distracting from the overall vibe of the track.  The more slow, down-tempo production would seem to be at odds with the off-beat inserts, but they add some nice color that keep things from sinking into repetitive sleep.

No word yet if this is a loosie or part of a larger project, but we are hoping for the latter.  Omär makes music to satisfy.