Another member of the class of AOMG has dropped something; the summer takeover has begun.

Fly (or, Fuckin’ Love You) is very much something you would expect from the rapper.  It has that not-as-dark trap sound with more monotone singing involved than rapping at times (though there is a pretty good balance).  The thump of the production will have your head nodding and Sik-K’s flow is on point.  The biggest issue is the autotune; which kind of takes the personality out of the track (especially if you’ve heard the live version that was circulating for a while).  Sik-K has the ability to maintain a track without the robotic vocals and adding too much of them takes out what makes him interesting.  It doesn’t kill the track, but it does limit the replay value.

While we are not getting the full brunt of the lyrics because of the transitions, we are noticing that there are a lot of English lines in here that make sense and have interesting wordplay.  We are not all that familiar with Sik-K’s background, but we believe he was born in South Korea.  That means that he is either bilingual or that Jay Park may have had a hand in the lyrical crafting.

We’ll have a full translation for you shortly.