Universal, free healthcare, huh?

If it weren’t for the fact that this group was based out of London, we would think this song was meant to be some kind of endorsement of a particular American politician or their ideals.

Whenever you hear songs that do have a political bent to them, they almost always have a down-tempo production to them.  It’s not so much that politics is dark and depressing (well, they can be, but you know what I mean) as much as it is a serious subject and there is a desire to show that weight with music that equals it.  This song, however, takes the weight of the desire to change the world and decided to focus on the hope that someone who has those feelings would have to have in order to want to grapple that tiger.

Listening to this one will make you feel like you stepped in The Wayback Machine for a trip to the funky seventies.  The bright, brassy horns bring energy from the moment the track starts until it ends.  The persistent four-by-four beat is loud and begs you to clap along.  The soulful vocals of Kylie Auldist are powerful but not overwhelming as she takes this song on almost singlehandedly without making the listener tune out.  You come away from this one wanting to do something, anything, to make a change in your little neck of the woods and energized with a lot of good feeling.

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