Producer Michelin Shin is back and prepping a compilation set and the first track is flames.

Besides having excellent timing for release in the United States (given Drake trying to hop that British hip-hop/grime wave), this bombastic has an interesting sound when it comes to the rappers on the track.  The nature of the production is brash and full of energy, but the rappers all come at the track with a much slower flow than you might expect.  This works incredibly well because, it allows them to separate themselves from the underlying elements of track and make you focus.  They absolutely take control of things and reflect the theme of being the baddest because they do the unexpected.

As for the production itself, we are digging most of it.  The chanting hordes mixed with the EDM melody and horn highlights are a solid combination that just make you want to thump the floor (or somebody else).  These elements are always present, just changing position in prominence thanks to thoughtful volume control at certain parts.  The rolling drum machine teamed with a harder bass is also a good combination, giving you more than just a 4×4 knock.  The end is where it loses us a little bit, bringing in the those strong, synth alarms that overpower some of the more subtle production elements.  But we have a sneaking suspicion that this section might sound better when it connects to the track after it on the final project.

His upcoming EP, The Chefftin, is expected out soon.