FKJ, or French Kiwi Juice, is a new artist that hails from the City of Lights.

Vincent Fenton, a movie-sound engineer has thrown his hat in the ring of the music industry with his self-titled new album, FKJ.  The new single, Skyline, gives a smooth mixture of soul, R&B, electronica, and synth. Skyline immediately sends a chill groove that makes you feel like silk.  Coming from France, where R&B and hip-hop dominate the music industry, it is no surprise that he choose these elements for his album.  Fenton’s vocals are just right for the arrangement of the music; he does not over do it to the point that his voice overshadows the actual music, as he continues to sing about reaching a skyline.

This is the kind of song that is perfect for an evening on the town, relaxing at home with a bubble bath, or cruising with the top down.  FKJ has created a soundtrack to almost any mood.  Magnifique!

FKJ’s debut album, Frenck Kiwi Juice, is available for purchase now.