Are you listening to Jidenna’s The Chief?  You’re not?!  Allow us to give you one of fourteen reasons why you should.

Bambi is one of those songs that joins a throwback sound of a particular era with more modern beats and it works really well for this track.  Taking on the role of singer for most of this track, Jidenna opines to the woman that he has loved and lost that she does indeed have his heart though he was unable to show it when they were together.  The mixture of Caribbean and African vibes on this track are excellent and, while you may be a little thrown off when the track first starts playing, you’ll be well seated in the groove by the time it ends.  The lyrics are solid and have some nice wordplay and solid imagery, making for something memorable and makes the track overall stand out even more than the production already would. This is going to be a severely underrated track but will not be for lack of solid construction and good vocals on the part of the artist.

You may recognize the opening of this video’s soundtrack as the opening of one the rapper/singer’s previous singles, Chief Don’t Run.  This segment of sound isn’t a part of either track, but seems to be a way to join the tracks together through a certain theme (it’s also the first thing you hear when you start his album).