If you’re looking for a nice little pop bop that is more adult in terms of theme than in content (you know, sex), you might want to give Greer a listen.

At 19, the singer seems to be developing a lyrical style of his own.  While there are some moments where the end rhymes are just wrong and do throw you off a little bit, it does seem to be in service to the theme and making the lines make sense.  And a song about not wanting to be in a relationship when you’re not ready but still enjoying someone’s company and how that can be problematic is actually a good topic that he handles well.

The production is somewhat generic but, at the same time, it doesn’t sound like everything else out there.  It shies away from the trap elements that some artists rely on but also doesn’t go full bubblegum get too bright either.  It’s bright and bouncy and catchy as hell for the hook, so you won’t lose interest halfway through.

It’s a good first track from a new artist and has us interest in seeing where he goes from here.

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