It has been six years since Soulection started out and, to celebrate this milestone with their fans, they have released a compilation of moody, seductive tracks that are meant to highlight “our generations constant battle between situationship vs relationship.”

A mixture of songs that have various levels of instrumentality in them (but almost all of them have some sung performance element to them), you get the storytelling aspect that the collective was going for.  There is a lot of questioning going on in these songs and most of them have solid performers giving you solid lyrics that convey ideas in an interesting but uncomplicated way.  You can’t ask for much more than that.

Our favorites right now is the Kyle Dion-assisted Time Off and the Emmavie-assisted Moving On for the simple reason that they still managed to give the track a bright sound despite the subject matter.  Dave B’s Kandi caught us by surprise and has a nice thump that can’t be denied.  We are also throwing in esta.’s Honey (despite the fact that it’s so short) because esta. is life.

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