Another artist from our underrated album of 2016 list is coming with the fire for 2017…though it’s a cold burn this time.

Coming with that same blujazhop style that we loved from her last EP, the Swedish/Persian singer gives you strong lyrics with sultry vocals for a track about how distance and indifference can burn a relationship away as easily as fiery disagreement.  Her cool delivery is a perfect match for the track, both the Bond-esque production and the theme, and she sets the tone right away from the moment she starts singing.  It can feel that doesn’t actually have a lot to say here as it feels like Staple’s has more time on the track than she does, but that’s due to her lyrically minimalist style that pervades a lot of her songs.

Vince Staple’s verse is great here.  He brings his own side of things to the table, stating that he’s only acting the way he does because she’s been treating him the same way that she says he’s been treating her.  He also doesn’t just say this outright but comes with solid bar with nice metaphor and imagery that explains without leading you by the hand.