It’s our own fault for not keeping up with Drew Vision; not only did he follow up his solid The Doldrums release with the sonically different but still solid The Balance eight months ago and we didn’t know, but he has also released a new video that nearly snuck by us.

Without You is gives us that island sound, but backs it up with something a little more orchestral creating a production that has this underlying epicness to back up the theme of the track which is about being saved by that special someone’s love.  In an odd way, that amped-up production is needed as Vision vocals, deep and sensual, are powerful and might have been too much for a minimalized beatwork that this could have easily been.

And the vocals are the star of the show.  From the singer’s gentle slide up the scale from the beginning of the track to the flushed out harmonies that ride atop the production while also melding with it, the sound of his voice takes hold of you and never lets go.  His tone is plaintive without being weak and there is an honesty in it that makes this all come across as more than just lines to get in his lover’s good graces.

The lyrics are not as strong as some of his previous tracks, but they aren’t so lackluster that you forget them after the song ends.  The first verse especially standout for the way he phrases his misery without her.  They slips into a little too much cliché after the first chorus, but that doesn’t make the song bad by any means.

Definitely worth a listen and a strong follow-up.