Charlie Wilson has been in this game a long time and you need no more proof why that a listen at his beautiful duet with Lalah Hathaway, Made For Love.

The production of the track evokes that classic feeling of duets from back in the day, simple instrumentation that is meant to highlight the vocals of the performers but not so simple that it’s a non-entity in the track entirety.  The combination of the piano, electric guitar, and strings is stirring and sets a great emotional tone.  The lyrics are strong, too.  They aren’t simply platitudes that miss you with their generalness, but they aren’t so specific that every person who’s ever been in love can’t relate.

The vocals are magic and the real star of the show.  They are subdued, but not dull.  The way Wilson and Hathaway transition easily from unison singing to harmonies and back again evokes that feeling of two people being made for each other; at times pulling to towards the same goal in different ways and other times being perfectly in tune and working as one.  Both brings a level of emotion to the track that is hard for a lot of singers to accomplish in that you know exactly what they want you to feel but not loading you up on adlibs and intrusive runs.

This would be perfect for a wedding, either as the processional song or the first dance.

Wilson’s new album, In It To Win It, arrived today and is available in both physical and digital forms.