Following up her This Is A Queen Mix set with DJ Carisma, Brittany B. is giving us another unique set to help us make it through the cuffing season and into the spring months.

What we really like about this EP that there are a combination of singing style on it.  When she started out singing, the chanteuse was more a traditional R&B girl, with good foundations and solid grasp of traditional style.  When she dropped her last name for the initial, she switched into a more turn-up style, but she kept the lyrical foundation and strong vocals while changing the delivery.  Lately she’s been doing a combination of the two modes that style seems to fit her pretty well as we get a unique experience that you can equate just to her while not being so outside the mainstream that she loses out on a listening audience.

The lyrics on this set are good.  They may not be the deepest thing out there, but they do bring across the theme of making it (whether it be professionally or in love) very well.  The production, while mid-tempo for the most part, still has a good vibe and still makes you want to move.  What really shines, though, are Brittany’s vocals.  That combination of traditional and modern singing styles with her deeper tone makes for something oddly seductive in moments without being sexual.  She makes you sit up and pay attention and you find yourself very sad that the runtime is so short.

Finally is purchasable from all digital outlets now.