Luhan may have given us sexual content with his previous releases Lu and Excited, but this is that softer side that I think a lot of his fans would appreciate more.  A semi-midtempo song with a great drop for the post-refrain, this track has the young singer playing the entendre game better than has previously as this track could just as easily be about that moment when two people make more benign physical contact (kissing, hugging, etc.) and the thrill they get from that.

Initially, the vocals seems a little high for the tenor, but you get the feeling that the deliver was meant to be more like breathless anticipation than can come across in sections.  The harmonies help balance out the performance a lot and add some depth the vocals.

The lyrics a pretty good with only a few issues popping up due to English not being Luhan’s first language.  The first is the rhyme pattern is very inconsistent.  The ending words only rhyme a little, if at all, and it feels like the song was translated instead of actually being written in English (that doesn’t appear to be the case, though).  The second is that some of the illusions don’t quite work.  Again, this is likely due to some words meaning different things in two languages, but it does give the listener pause.  Fortunately, the second issues doesn’t pop up as much as the first, so you can still thoroughly get what he was going for with this one.

Luhan thought people might have a hard time understanding him so he put the lyrics at the bottom of the video, too.