When Syd The Kid, frontwoman of the group The Internet, said that she was putting out an album, we were excited.  When she said it would have a more mainstream sound than her work with her group, we were dubious.  Now that she’s dropped the first track…yeah; still dubious.

The saving grace for this track is the fact that Syd is the singer.  She has a different type of voice than what you would normally hear on a trap track and, without the autotune usually accompanies something like this, she gives a more natural air to the style than is customary.

The downside is that everything else about this track is basic trap.  The lyrics, while more cohesive than your average trap song, are about how she elevates the people around her, her music is her outlet, and her crew can put yours to shame.  The beat is okay, but the high hat is far too loud and almost drowns the singer out.  The fact that I could easily imagine Drake doing this does make it more mainstream, but doesn’t make it memorable.

This is the first single from Syd’s upcoming solo debut, Fin.