When they started out, SWV said that they admired New Edition and now, they get to work with three members on a vocally solid track.

About the moment when you and the person you love realize that the relationship you have is that thing you have always been looking for, this song gives you that old-school love vibe.  It’s about the non-sexual aspects of a relationship (something we don’t hear enough of in R&B) and how the two people involved get along outside the bedroom.  The emotional connection is everything on this one and the duet does a good job of allowing the two groups to play back and forth if two people who have found what is important to them.

The star of the track, though, is Coko, with the harmonies that feature her and the other ladies of SWV coming in a close second.  They are the thing that really fills out the sound of the track, giving a tonally sweet and lush performance that matches the mood of the track.  The men of Bell Biv DeVoe do a good job as well, but the few harmonies they do on their own seem to get drowned out by the bass of production.

And it’s the production on this track that keeps this from being a better song.  We hear the bright, guitar-like melody and happy string plucks, but there is a balance issue.  Depending on your audio setup, it can sound a little hollow with too much emphasis on the bass.  You can look past this with subsequent listens, but it’s distracting when you first hear it.  This seems like this may have been made for BEATS as this disparity sounds good with their headsets and speakers.

This is the first single from BBD’s upcoming album, Three Stripes ≡, which is set to be released the day after the airing of the third part of The New Edition Story (January 27).  The mini-series is airing on BET.