We fell in love with VanJess last march when we heard the sulty beauty that was Adore.  Now we are obsessed.

All about getting on the dancefloor with the one that drives you crazy and letting both him and the music consume you, this song is not what we were expecting.  The deep house groove of the production just hits you right out the gate with its smooth tone before the bass comes in and just adds that right beat to make you want to dance.  The sisters sound great (and, seeing a few of their videos) and easily distinguish themselves as they each have their own vibe and delivery style.  The lyrics, probably the only mediocre part of the song, are a repetitive, but they seem to be going for a more tonal vibe than a story here.  Add in the a little underlying saxophone and this song is addictive.

Can we get an album or something VanJess?  We’re ready!