We’ve featured a few tracks produced by Yonni, one of our favorites being SnapChat.  Now he’s dropped a freelease for us to enjoy and, despite our history with his music, we were still pleasantly surprised.

The thing we noticed is that the freelease seems to be divided into acts with tracks one through 10 being more R&B tinged and the remain tracks being hip-hop.  While we would have liked the styles to be more interlaced, we understand that there is a flow that is created by putting the similarly tempoed tracks together.  You get two moods when you listen and both can mesh together thanks to the confidence of all the tracks that we hear.  Whether coming from the sexual arena or letting people know where you’re coming from when they approach you, every singer in this set comes in with a level of personality and strength that makes every song that much better.

Collectively, this project does trend a little slower than some people may be expecting.  Yonni does seem to have a penchant for slower production, but everything does have a nice bass knock to it.  The faster tracks at the end are more mid-tempo than uptempo, but they do offer a nice change of pace and keep the set from getting too repetitive.

The lyrics are pretty average, mostly focusing on sex, money, and attitude.  This means that this probably won’t be the most memorable mixtape of the season, but it will more than serve its purpose and you’ll definitely get some favorites out of it.

You can either download the tracks individually through the player or in one package by clicking the button below it.

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