We’ve heard Jeanese before and we liked her.  Last time, she teamed up with Arlon for Lover’s Game (My Baby) to make sure her relationship worked; this time she on her own and she wants to keep it that way.

Only One is one of those tracks that you often hear from male artists when they are putting up the player card but you are starting to hear more from the ladies now.  Jeanese has a tone that makes this track work in an odd way.  Her vocals are so sweet that when she drops the bravado of you’ll be lucky if I call you simply floors you.  The production is also somewhat sweet with a thumping bassline that adds that underlying heat and puts enough oomph on the track to make the sound work.

While the song feels short (the total runtime is just over two minutes), it works to theme as what Jeanese is describing is a hit and run and the song certainly feels like that.  It also has the added benefit of leaving is wanting more, which we do.